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Kosher Kingdom
I just wanted to let you know about the exemplary service I received from one of your staff yesterday. She is a young Hungarian girl. She unloaded all my shopping onto the conveyor, packed it all up and wheeled all my shopping to my car. On reaching the car, I couldn't find my car keys. She waited with my trolley and my children while I rushed around retracing my footsteps. I eventually found my keys TG. All the while she had been waiting with my children keeping them calm. She is a wonderful member of your staff and a real example of excellent customer service, and knowing what to do in an unusual situation.
Kosher Kingdom
Thank you for the amazing choice of Pesach goods, making life so much easier to shop for everything in one place. A special thanks must go to your wonderful staff - so helpful, always smiling and efficient, not only for the pre-Pesach shop but all year round.A pleasure to shop at Kosher Kingdom.

A grateful customer
Kosher Kingdom
Today was the first time I've had the pleasure with shopping with you and it was a great shopping experience, as you can tell from my name I'm not Jewish but I am vegan and I find that the majority of parev products are suitable for my dietry requirements, I have to say there was a massive amount to choose from in your store, I even managed to find parev cheesy wotsit type crisps and I'm really looking forward to trying them! The very helpful lady that served me advised that if I was looking for a certain product that I could email and you would try your best to order it in for me, I am looking for: Lipton kosher recipe secrets ranch soup and dip mix, it is a popular product I believe in the USA, I was also looking for the onion dip one as well, also I have been reliably informed that you stock tofurky and fry's products but I couldn't find any in your store today, do you still stock them or have I missed them?

Many thanks once again, I will certainly be making the trip up to Golders Green to shop with you again - it was well worth it.  Shalom Aleichem.
Kosher Kingdom
We have so often thought about writing to say how impressed we are with your store. From the large selection of products through to the friendly and helpful staff and the competitive pricing, it is ALWAYS a pleasure to shop at Kosher Kingdom.

Whether it is 7:00 on a dark and dreary winter morning or the last mad days of the Pesach rush, Kosher Kingdom is always the most pleasant place to shop.

The special offers and the seasonal promotions are always innovative and exciting. We love everything about shopping in Kosher Kingdom and we want to take this opportunity to thank you and all of your staff for running a truly Kosher Kingdom!

Chag Kosher V'Sameach,

PS. My parents live in Stamford Hill, yet make a point of coming all the way to Kosher Kingdom to do their shopping as they also love the experience!
Kosher Kingdom
We wished we lived closer to Kosher Kingdom as we would love to shop more often here. Today we came up especially as we needed things for Passover and were not disappointed. You had the best choice and it was good to see so many people busy buying last minute things for Passover.

A really good experience and we could buy things we could not buy anywhere else and especially where we live.
There were some things from Israel but we would like to see more from Israel.

Thank you for such a good shop which we truly enjoyed.
Kosher Kingdom
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my pesach preparations so much easier this year. It was such a pleasure to shop with you.
You were organised and your staff were helpful and courteous. With service like that, why would I wish to shop anywhere else?

Every week I do my regular shopping with you, travelling from Edgware.
I know that I am able to get exactly what I want under one roof.
So thank you for that as well.

All in all, I think your store is wonderful.

Chag sameach from a very satisfied customer.

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