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Welcome to Kosher Kingdom, UK’s premier Kosher supermarket providing customers with an unparalleled range of food, wine and more. A one stop shop, Kosher Kingdom affords customers a friendly and efficient service in a modern welcoming environment.


The Jewish religion sets forth dietary laws and guidelines of food that may be consumed according to the Torah.  Most commonly known are the laws of milk and meat, however there is a very lot more to know when it comes to keeping “Kosher”. There are well over a thousand different “kosher” certifications, however not all may be relied upon.

What is Kosher? Why do we keep Kosher? Want to know more about Kosher?


We are a kosher approved establishment. What does this mean?

With thousands of products available in the kosher market, bearing all sorts of “Kosher” symbols, can we be sure that every symbol is authentic and recognised?  Are products which bear “Kosher” symbols actually kosher?  What about new lines coming in daily – how can we verify their Kashrus status?

There is so much to know about “Kosher”.  A symbol alone isn’t always enough to go by. Therefore, we have chosen The London Beth Din as our supervisory (guiding) board. A certified Rabbi from the London Beth Din visits our establishment daily.  He checks products merchandised and is available to answer any Kashrus related questions.  Part of being a supervised entity, offers us the benefit of receiving updates on the kosher status change of supervised and approved products. 

For more information log on to; https://www.kosher.org.uk/


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